01 rolls to capture dimensions of any object, then logs, converts and shares the dimensions through your mobile phone. It contains a proprietary gear and magnet sensor system that is reading rotation and revolutions.
01 uses a proprietary magnetic sensor and gear system to measure quite accurately. Sensor is accurate up to 0.1mm, but the ultimate accuracy depends on the user. We are working on solutions to remove the user error, but for now, the users will have to live with some small human caused tolerance, much like when they use a measuring tape.
Just like a measuring tape, perfectly measuring a long straight surface is hard. However, if you keep arm relatively firm, walking with some care from one end to the other, the result is surprisingly precise and consistent with what you would get from a measuring tape. We are also working on ways to make this experience even easier.
01 is an essential tool for everyone who makes. Designers, engineers, architects, tailors, carpenters and masons, for example. But it’s also for the hobbyists, and even kids studying geometry, shop or physics. If you think about it, dimensions are incredibly important. We put up pictures, buy furniture and appliances based on size, and shop for clothes that fit best. 01 is meant to equip most of us with the most convenient, most intuitive way to capture and use dimensions every day. It is also thoughtfully personal. It’s crafted and elegant, and you can get your signature or initial etched. Like a chef’s knife, this is a perfect treat for ourselves or a gift for someone we care about.
  • Please make sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Turn on your 01.
  • To turn on, hold down the the top of the device for 2 seconds until the red laser is visible and still.
  • Once your app is open and you have turned on your device, the measurement digits will turn from grey to a solid white in colour.
Once you have completed a dimension, tap Save on the bottom right corner and add a title to your dimension. This will also be the title for your log card.
A log card is a card with saved dimensions of whatever you are measuring. You can add a title, description and picture to the card. These dimensions have a feature to be public or private based on your setting.
Click the menu bar in the top left corner of your app, select settings. Under Measurement, you will see the “Scale”. Tap Scale, and set the scale you’d like to use.
Select a saved log card by clicking on the menu bar in the top left corner, tap onto the desired log card you’d like to share, then tap the share icon (bottom center) to view your sharing options.
Yes. Tap the menu bar on the upper left corner to view your saved cards. Select the card you wish to change/edit. Tap on the dimension you would like to clear and retake the dimension.To save, select update on the bottom right corner, or cancel if you do not wish to save the new dimensions.
The Pro App will be released Spring 2017
The Pro App is a monthly subscription. The price will be announced closer to the release date of the app.