The Evolution of the Art of the Egyptian ’Üd in Solo in View of the 78rpm Record

By Tarek Abdallah


This paper proposes an analytical study of the contribution of 78 rpm disc in the evolution of the art of Egyptian UD in solo during the period 1910-1930, and of the influence of the medium on this art regarding forms, instrumental manufacture, and technical components. The analysis of this recordings highlights the influence of the recording format constraints on the development of independent instrumental music (especially Taqsim and sama’ï) and permits to elaborate a typology of modes of playing ( with the right hand: Risa, octaviation, Zir bam-and with the left hand : basm), which constitute together a characteristic signature of the Egyptian school and the manner through which each soloist marks his own style.

The Tradition of the Egyptian Music-Poetic Revolutionary Song : Towards a Conceptualization – Tarek Abdallah and Fadi El-Abdallah – Read Here